Fireline is a platform that's flexible, secure, easy to use, and continuously updated; supporting all major platforms and ecosystems including the latest generation of consoles.

Both a flexible backend and powerful tool suite, Fireline lets you add online services to your game or app straight away.

Development Features

Data Storage

Store and query arbitrary data with access control for cross-game rewards, user profiles, game saves, and more

Flexible Shop

Sell unique items, manage pricing, offer discounts through game logic, set custom item attributes, rebalance on the fly

License System

Set up reliable trials/rentals for any item, create free item rotations, allow item trading between players

Multiplayer Gaming

Seamlessly join matches via friends list, invites, or server browser – in real-time or asynchronously

Smart Matchmaking

Configure low-latency, asynchronous matchmaking using buckets and fuzzy numeric ranges – all adjustable on the fly

Leaderboards & Stats

Create real-time leaderboards based on any defined property, keep track of player and global statistics

Purchasing Systems

Take payments through Steam, Xbox Marketplace, PSN, Google Wallet, Google Play, iTunes, and virtual currencies


Sign in with Steam, Facebook, Google, Xbox Live, PSN, Gamecenter or zero-friction Public Key auth

Push Messages

Trigger gameplay-driven notifications and reengage your players from out-of-game

Operations Made Easy


Create sandboxes to keep developers away from production data and manage releases

Real-time Metrics

Keep an eye on basic metrics such as daily and monthly user activity as well as retention and churn – without having to wait

It's Yours

You’re in complete control of your community: White-label, self-contained, with full data access and optional self-hosting

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